Burning Permits


PC users, you need to have Adobe installed  for this online burning permit to work correctly.  You may download Adobe here FREE:  https://get.adobe.com/reader/

MAC users, ​We are only able to issue SEASONAL burn permits through this online process.  The Adobe and Apple software programs are incompatible and cause problems with data entry.  If you wish to burn larger brush and debris piles, you must obtain a DAILY burn permit from one of our designated locations.

For PC users, click the PC USERS PERMIT button below to complete an electronic .pdf version of a Seasonal or Daily Burning Permit.  When the burning permit document opens in your Adobe program, enter your information in the required fields, save it, and print a copy for yourself.  Use the "Submit Form" button to forward your permit to us electronically or email a copy to admin@neebing.org   Remember to PRINT a copy for yourself to have on hand in case the Fire Department asks to see it. 

​For MAC users, click the MAC USERS PERMIT button.  You will need to print the form, fill it in, sign it, scan it, and email it back to us. Remember, this form is only valid for a SEASONAL burn permit (recreational/cooking/warmth).  If you wish to burn larger brush and debris piles, you must obtain a DAILY burn permit from one of our designated locations listed below.

**Please note that if the burning permit form is not completed properly, it will be invalid and not accepted.**

Special Permits for FIREWORKS, WINDROWS, SLASH PILES, and OTHERS require inspection and approval of the Chief Fire Official.  Please contact the Municipal Office - 474-5331.

Designated Locations:

AJ's Trading Post
3675 Highway 61
(807) 473-8444
Municipal Office
4766 Highway 61
(807) 474-5331
Mink Mountain Resort
240 Mink Mountain Drive
(807) 964-1882

Green Acres Variety


(807) 475-5631

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