Ziggy Polkowski, Mayor
P (807) 964-2083
C (807) 626-6596

Roger Shott, Blake
(807) 964-2270

Brian Wright, Crooks
(807) 964-2365

Curtis Coulson, Pardee
(807) 577-2475

Bill Lankinen, Pearson
(807) 577-2429

Mike McCooeye, Scoble
(807) 475-5665

Erwin Butikofer, Councillor at Large
(807) 964-1788

Neebing in a Nutshell…

Neebing is filled with amazing scenic vistas, wildlife and hiking trails. If your passion is outdoor activities Neebing is one place you don't want to miss! If it’s wildlife, you will see the peregrine falcons, bear , moose, deer and many other species.

History of Neebing…

The Municipality of Neebing incorporated in 1881, located in the District of Thunder Bay consisted of the Townships of Blake, Crooks, Pardee. January 1st, 1999 is when the annexation of Scoble and Pearson occurred forming the now larger Municipality. Neebing has a total area of 88,000 hectares (217,453 acres).

Travelling to Neebing…

Situated between the City of Thunder Bay and the US border, The Municipality of Neebing is easily accessible by car, boat and plane. Highway 61, 608, 597, 595 and Highway 593 traverse the municipality. Sailing or boating on Lake Superior will easily bring you to Neebing. Thunder Bay International Airport is a short 20 minute drive north of Neebing.