Ziggy Polkowski, Mayor
P (807) 964-2083
C (807) 626-6596

Roger Shott, Blake
(807) 964-2270

Brian Wright, Crooks
(807) 964-2365

Curtis Coulson, Pardee
(807) 577-2475

Bill Lankinen, Pearson
(807) 577-2429

Mike McCooeye, Scoble
(807) 475-5665

Erwin Butikofer, Councillor at Large
(807) 964-1788


Oliver Paipoonge Public Library

The Oliver Paipoonge Public Library provides free library service to the rural residents of Oliver Paipoonge, Neebing, O'Connor and Gillies. Information on programs and services offered by the Oliver Paipoonge Public Library can be found on their website at

Murillo Branch
Located at:
1 Baxendale Drive
PO Box 26
Murillo, ON   P0T 2G0
Phone: (807) 935-2729

Rosslyn Branch
Located at:
Rosslyn Village Community Centre
3405 Rosslyn Road
Rosslyn, ON   P7K 0P8
Phone: (807) 939-2312