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Remember:  Open the file from the location where you saved it.  Don't open the file that appears in the lower left hand corner of your monitor

2019 municipal fire Permits 

​​Fire Permits are required for all open air burning in Neebing from April 1st to October 31st and are issued for the burning of clean non-noxious material including; paper, wood, limbs, leaves, needles, branches, grass, stumps and clean combustible wood products.   Please note that all permits become suspended if a FIRE BAN or RESTRICTED FIRE ZONE is declared for the Municipality of Neebing.


NOTE THAT:  Apple and Mac computer operating systems are not compatible with this Fire Permit form.  You will need to obtain a hard copy of the permit from the Municipal Office or from AJ's Trading Post or Green Acres Variety.

Before proceeding, please make sure you have the latest version of the Adobe Reader program installed on your computer as outdated versions of the program cause formatting errors rendering your permit invalid.  Click here to download the Adobe Reader program for free.   

FIRST:  You must DOWNLOAD the permit file to your computer.   

DOWNLOAD the file by RIGHT CLICKING on the link.  In the pop-up menu options, select "Save link as..." and save the file to your desktop or another location where it will be easy to find.  You can rename it if you like.

After the file has downloaded, DO NOT OPEN THE DOCUMENT BY CLICKING ON THE DOWNLOADED FILE THAT APPEARS IN THE LOWER LEFT-HAND CORNER OF YOUR MONITOR. Go to the location where you saved the actual file and double-click on the file to open it.  It will open in Adobe Acrobat.

Complete the form by entering the required information. 

SAVE the newly completed form.

There are two ways to send it to the Municipal Office:

  • Do you use the Microsoft Outlook program or have a Gmail account for email? Great!  Send it to us by clicking on the purple 'Submit Form' button found in the upper right hand corner, enter your email address and your full name in the fields.  Click 'Send.' 
    • For Microsoft Outlook users, choose 'Default email application' and continue
    • For Gmail users, choose 'Use webmail' and follow the prompts to add your Gmail account.
    • Click Continue after adding and selecting your Gmail account
    • Click ALLOW Adobe permission to send emails from your account.
    • At the prompt, sign into your Gmail account and click OK to complete the send.
  • Don't Have Outlook or Gmail?  After saving your completed form, exit out of the Adobe program, log into your email program, create a new email, attach the form to the email and send it to 

​Print a copy of the permit and have it handy should the Neebing Fire Department ask to see it.

That's it!  Call the Municipal Office at 474-5331 if you have any questions about the form or problems sending it.