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2018 municipal fire Permits 


Note that Mac and Apple computers are not compatible with this type of .pdf fillable form and it will not work with your operating systems.  You will need to obtain a hard copy permit from the Municipal Office or from one of our outlets.

Also, before attempting to download and complete the permit, please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  Click here to download the program for free.  Outdated versions of Adobe cause errors in the permit and online permits that are incomplete or contain such errors will not be valid.  If this online version does not work for you, the only alternative is to obtain a permit from the Municipal Office, AJ's Trading Post, or Green Acres Variety Store.

FIRST, DOWNLOAD THE FILE TO YOUR COMPUTER before completing the form.  Attempting to fill in the form while it is in your browser window will not forward the completed permit to our office.  

​Please read these instructions carefully before proceeding.  If you prefer, you may download and print these instructions by clicking here: