How do I purchase a plot?

To purchase a plot, visit the Municipal Administration office at 4766 Highway 61, Neebing ON and purchase the desired plot. All plots must be paid for in full at the time of purchase. The opening and closing fee can also be paid for at this time or when required.

Who makes arrangements for burial?

The Municipality of Neebing works in cooperation with you and the local funeral homes to ensure that the arrangements meet everyone's needs. Municipal staff will carry out all other aspects of the internment.

How is the cemetery cared for and maintained?

Upon the purchase of a plot, a portion of that money is put into the Perpetual Care Trust Fund (as per the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act) for the purchase of future land for cemetery purposes. The remainder goes to the maintenance of the cemetery and includes cutting the grass, reseeding as required, grading, re-levelling when necessary and the overall general care of the Cemetery.

According to the Municipality of Neebing by-law 951-2012, the following apply:


Number of burials permitted in the same grave: (plots designated as a single depth) a maximum of 3 burials, not more than one of which shall be for non-cremated remains.

cemetery rules

Artificial flowers, wreaths, etc. are prohibited from May 1 to September 30 except that such artificial articles if contained in single unbreakable container affixed to the marker in such a manner as to not impede grass mowing, shall be permitted year round.

No trees or shrubs (such as rose bushes, lilacs, etc.) shall be planted on a plot or grave.

Flower beds not exceeding eighteen (18) inches in width shall be permitted at the front of the monument base only.

Flower receptacles or containers of glass or other fragile or breakable materials are prohibited at all times of the year.

The Cemetery maintenance crew is authorized to remove any articles which are not in conformity with the foregoing rules or which are in any way detrimental to the adjoining plots or to the natural appearance of the grounds.

There shall be no planting of shrubs, trees or flowers of any kind in the westerly portion (new section) of the Cemetery.






Allowable Internments

Single Plot: Old Section
4 ft x 8 ft
Urn $200
Full Burial $300

1 full burial and 2 cremations
or 3 cremations

Single Plot: New Section
5 ft x 10 ft
Urn $200
Full Burial $300

1 full burial and 2 cremations
or 3 cremations

cloud bay (crooks) cemetery