Ziggy Polkowski, Mayor
P (807) 964-2083
C (807) 626-6596

Roger Shott, Blake
(807) 964-2270

Brian Wright, Crooks
(807) 964-2365

Curtis Coulson, Pardee
(807) 577-2475

Bill Lankinen, Pearson
(807) 577-2429

Mike McCooeye, Scoble
(807) 475-5665

Erwin Butikofer, Councillor at Large
(807) 964-1788

By-Laws and Policies

The by-laws posted on this website are provided for informational purposes only and are not to be taken as legal documents. For accurate reference, please consult the official by-laws. Official, signed by-laws are available upon request at the Municipal Office.